R Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits For People With Diabetes

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a remarkable nutrient with awesome potential. One of the conditions it is recommended for is diabetes. In this article I will enlist four reasons why ALA is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.But before doing that, I should mention an important detail that everybody should be aware of: it is only the R Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) that fights all of the major effects of insulin resistance. The S form is not only useless, but can even make things worse. The ALA common supplements are a 50/50 mixture or the R and the S form. So, if you intend to purchase ALA supplements, we recommend that you look for those that specifically state they are R Alpha Lipoic Acid. Otherwise you might get the racemic mixture.The first reason why R-ALA is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes is that it can improve blood glucose utilization. R-ALA reduces insulin resistance and can lower blood sugar levels. Studies performed on animals also showed that it can prevent diabetes. In European countries -Germany, for example- R-ALA has been used for clinical treatment of diabetes for more than 30 years.

People with diabetes often suffer from complications, such as neurological, vascular, kidney and visual problems. Neuropathy is also a very common chronic problem for people who suffer from diabetes. R Alpha Lipoic Acid can help in the treatment of these complications. A study published in “Diabetes Care” has shown that supplementing with ALA can partly restore diabetic nerve function after only four months of high-dose oral treatment.(1)People suffering from diabetes can also benefit from the antioxidant function of the R-ALA, and they need strong antioxidants like R-ALA more than healthy people. One of the free radicals sources in our bodies is the glucose in the bloodstream, which auto-oxidizes. Since people with diabetes have more glucose in the blood, they have an increased amount of oxidative stress. Because of the high level of oxidative stress, people with diabetes often experience complications that are usually associated with old age. “Diabetes is now defined as a condition that speeds up the aging process,” says Keith Campbell, RPh, CDE. That is why R Alpha Lipoic Acid, an extraordinary antioxidant, is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

R-ALA also helps protect the liver and detoxify it. Many people with diabetes are on medications that may damage the liver, which is our bodies’ filter. R Alpha Lipoic Acid has been successfully used for the maintenance of liver health and as a treatment for several toxin-related illnesses.In conclusion, R Alpha Lipoic Acid is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes because of its ability to normalize glucose uptake and utilization, as well as its beneficial effects in the treatment of diabetes complications and its detoxification characteristics. R-ALA is also an extraordinary antioxidant that can benefit everybody, and especially people suffering from diabetes.